We've included a way to present content in the "featured" module position with a little more flare - providing a 3D 'box' for the content to be published in.

The 'featured' item box can be applied to a module in the "featured" position to be styled with a 'left' box, or 'right' box:

featured box

featured-left / featured-right

You can set your preference in the module's 'class suffix' field with either:  featuerd left - or - featured right as your choice.  *please note:  you must leave a space before the suffix:

space suffix

Featured Image Background

As it is featured in the example, you may put a background image under the featured box itself.  To achieve it, you may create another module (custom HTML) with a background image of 960x390px.

Then in the suffix of this new module you must set it as featured full.

This technique is also used for Shackslides if you're going to use it as the featured image in the featured position (refer to Shackslides installation for details)


Complementary featured module

Alternatively, you may set another module into the featured position (without any suffix) and it will position left or right to the featured module (complementary to it).


ShackSlides is not just a slideshow module, but a way to feature your images in style.

Setting up the menu for your Joomla site is one of the first things you'll want to do. Follow along with the documentation and you'll learn how to set up the main menu for your Joomla website.

This step by step is for setting up a default Joomla menu and not Shackmenu.

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